Kombanwa concept

The KombanWa

This is the KombanWa the best car I've designed. Its a concept car, you'll notice its conceptic looks once you see it from all views. It has abig window which goes over the roof so no need for a sun roof and no putting heads out of it -' SAFETY FIRST! The back window kinda like this only but instead of one big ending it has two split ends acting as a back sun roof in the shape of a cresent moon. It has a trianglular shape bigger from the back and gettin smaller as going to the front. You can see that in the top view this, gives it an aerodynamic shape. Have you seen the Taillight joint together that gives it a big light and plus a conceptic and a futuristic look. To make it even more aerodynamic shape it has a curved and smooth windshield and a kinda coupe like back. For even more aerodynamics i made the end of the bumper and its lower part pointed. To sill keep in touch with the present it has simple and light grill things on the front and back. The front are divided into three parts two symitrical small oval with an extrution and in between is a large simple curved quadilateral which '''''

GRILLS : The 3 Hollows
LUXURY : 8/10

is completely hollow and the back grills are

two small curved rods and in the center one

big rectangular rod again three. To make it

classic you can see those big square yellow

headlights. The rims you see are to represent

nature as they look like a flower and at last

the door handels they're diamond like to represent

jewelery This was the KombanWa. Thanks for reading!

////////////////////////////////A new KombanWa is coming...........................THE YOROKOBI///////////////////////////////////

19.3.12 Announcement made by Adhiraj Singh (Owner of PMBCC)


The Yorokobi has arrived KombanWa Yorokobi

Kombanwa concept top

The top view

Kombanwa concept side

Kombanwa concept 1

The back view